21 Quick and Easy Protein Shake Recipes

21 Quick and Easy Protein Shake Recipes

by Mellie Jess on Dec 14, 2021

21 Protein Shake Recipes You’ll Love

Protein Shake Recipes: Key Lime Protein Smoothie

Photo by Perry Santanachote

1. Key Lime Pie Protein Shake (27.5 g protein)

Take a tropical escape — no plane required — with a pie-flavored smoothie. This sweet yet tart treat has 14 grams of fiber, so it’ll will keep you fuller, longer.

Protein Shake Recipes: Mocha Coffee Shake

Photo by Perry Santanachote

2. Mocha Protein Shake (28 g protein)

Get your caffeine and protein all in one delicious sip! Since a moderate amount of the stimulant can boost stamina, increase endurance and delay fatigue, this recipe is a perfect pre-gym shake.

Protein Shake Recipes: Gingersnap Protein Smoothie

Photo by Perry Santanachote

3. Gingersnap Protein Shake (26 g protein)

Even though it’s a cold drink, the ginger heats up the body and helps boost the immune system. Furthermore, the therapeutic root aids in digestion and soothes gastrointestinal distress.

Protein Shake Recipes: Apple-Kale Protein Green Smoothie

Photo by Perry Santanachote

4. Apple-Kale Green Protein Shake (28 g protein)

This low-carb shake uses only one Granny Smith apple, which contains less sugar than other varieties, while detoxifying cucumber and fibrous kale round it out into a fully nutritious drink.

Protein Shake Recipes: Black Forest Protein Smoothie

Photo by Perry Santanachote

5. Black Forest Protein Shake (29 g protein)

Satisfy your sweet tooth and reduce post-workout inflammation with this decadent drink named after delicious German Black Forest Cake. While nothing beats fresh cherries, feel free to use frozen if they’re not available.

Protein Shake Recipes: Mango Blueberry Smoothie

Photo by Perry Santanachote

6. Mango-Blueberry Protein Shake (29 g protein)

A summertime favorite that also happens to be a superfood, blueberries will give your post-workout fuel just the right amount of sweetness, plus a mega dose of vitamin C. In addition, this blend’s got a spoonful of chia seeds for extra omega-3 and fiber.

Protein Shake Recipes: Mango Lassi Smoothie

Photo by Perry Santanachote

7. Mango Lassi Protein Shake (18 g protein)

No protein powder? No problem. This Indian-inspired drink packs plenty due to nonfat Greek yogurt. Plus, the probiotics in yogurt combined with enzymes from mango will aid digestion.

Protein Shake Recipes: Raspberry Chia Cocoa Smoothie

Photo by Perry Santanachote

8. Raspberry-Chia Protein Shake (33 g protein)

This shake uses raspberries and chia seeds instead of bananas to thicken the mixture into a creamy consistency. Plus, the protein-packed seeds have the added benefit of fiber without any added sugar.

Protein Shake Recipes: Peachy Green Smoothie

Photo by Perry Santanachote

9. Peachy Green Protein Shake (33 g protein)

Begin your day with two whole servings of fruits and vegetables with this powerhouse smoothie. Peaches, pineapple, banana and kale will carry you through any tough morning WOD!

Protein Shake Recipes: Toasted Coconut Smoothie

Photo by Perry Santanachote

10. Toasted Coconut Macaroon Protein Shake (25 g protein)

Fiber-rich coconut aids in digestion and provides essential minerals, including iron, to your diet. It’s the perfect low-carb addition to any vanilla protein shake.

Protein Shake Recipes: Frosty Shake

Photo by Perry Santanachote

11. Protein Frosty Shake (26 g protein)

This dairy-free, gluten-free and soy-free version of the classic Frosty is fortified with the power of protein! While ice does most of the heavy lifting here, make sure you have Xantham gum on hand to achieve that thick, delicious consistency.

Protein Shake Recipes: Banana Oat Smoothie

Photo and Recipe: Perry Santanachote

12. Banana-Oat Protein Shake (30 g protein)

Get ready to go bananas for this smoothie that’s got staying power. Its serious dose of potassium will sustain your blood sugar and also prevent muscle cramps. Plus, the nutrient protects the heart and aids in calcium absorption.

Protein Shake Recipes: Matcha Pear Green Smoothie

Photo by Perry Santanachote

13. Matcha Pear Green Protein Shake (22 g protein)

The matcha green tea in this recipe delivers a hit of caffeine, while spinach provides almost every vitamin and mineral under the sun. Pear not only sweetens the deal, but adds plenty of vitamin C and fiber (especially with the skin left on).

Protein Shake Recipes: Grape Smoothie

Photo by Perry Santanachote

14. Grape-Berry Protein Shake (25 g protein)

Plump, juicy grapes make a delicious addition to your smoothie. And blending them actually helps your body absorb the vitamin C, manganese and potassium that’s found within the skin. Also, it’ll keep your stomach from rumbling thanks to a fiber count of 13 grams.

Protein Shake Recipes: Oatmeal Raisin Cookie Smoothie

Photo by Perry Santanachote

15. Oatmeal Raisin “Cookie” Protein Shake (27 g protein)

Strip an oatmeal cookie of all that added sugar and unnecessary butter and you’re left with wholesome ingredients, including heart-healthy oats and fiber-rich raisins, which blend up beautifully into a shake that even Cookie Monster would devour.

Protein Shake Recipes: PB&J Smoothie

Photo by Perry Santanachote

16. Peanut Butter and Jelly Protein Shake (29 g protein)

This refreshing re-mix of the PB&J is a great post-workout treat. First of all, the peanut butter adds a blast of flavor, healthy fat and extra protein. Furthermore, raspberries provide fiber, vitamin C, vitamin K and bone-strengthening manganese.

Protein Shake Recipes: Peanut Butter Chocolate Smoothie

Photo by Perry Santanachote

17. Chocolate Peanut Butter Protein Shake (32 g protein)

Peanut butter lovers, rejoice! Chocolate protein powder gets reunited with its nut butter soul mate in this recipe. Since the cold libation gets its creaminess from a banana, it can be dairy-free if you opt for soy or almond milk.

Protein Shake Recipes: Pumpkin Pie Smoothie

Photo by Perry Santanachote

18. Pumpkin Pie Protein Shake (27 g protein)

Get that sweet pumpkin pie taste without the sugar rush by whipping together protein powder, spices and lots of pumpkin. In addition to its high fiber content, the squash is also full of antioxidants and immunity-boosting nutrients like iron and vitamins A and E.

Protein Shake Recipes: Orange Creamsicle Smoothie

Photo by Perry Santanachote

19. Orange Creamsicle Protein Shake (29 g protein)

Throw your taste buds back to the old fashioned Creamsicle — but in a healthier way! Rather than adding sugar, this shake uses orange juice and fruit to sweeten the deal.

Protein Shake Recipes: White Chocolate Raspberry Smoothie

Photo by Perry Santanachote

20. White Chocolate Raspberry Protein Shake (28 g protein)

Packed with vitamin C, fiber and phytonutrients, raspberries are a great addition to any smoothie. Pair the frozen variety with vanilla protein powder and a scarce amount of white chocolate and… voilà! It’s a dessert in a glass!

Protein Shake Recipes: Vietnamese Coffee Protein Shake

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